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Barker shoes

Barker shoes

Barker state on their website "A Tradition of Fine English Shoes" - this couldn't be more true

The Beginnings

Barker were founded in 1880 by Arthur Barker. Originally the shoes were handcrafted in a workshop at the bottom of a garden in Earls Barton, he made all the shoes and boots himself. However as the business expanded he started to send out work to other craftsmen. Over the years Arthur's three sons joined him in the business. Two of the sons Ernest and Arthur stayed with him although Charles left to forge another career. At this time they secured contracts to make the Army Boots during World War One.

With his two Sons now on board they were now producing fine quality Shoes and a successful export trade was established in South Africa during the 1920s.

The elegance and versatility of Barker shoes

The elegance and versatility of Barker shoes

The "Pioneers"

By 1933 the trade became so successful that some of the craftsman who worked for "The Firm", as it had become to be known, emigrated to South Africa and settled there. Those workers, Arthur Barker and his Roy, are now know as The Pioneers.

After World War II the business became so successful that a factory was set up in Earls Barton where the company still maintains its roots today.

In 1955 'The Firm' celebrated 75 years of making the finest quality Shoes and was now being run by the third generationof the Barker family Albert & Charles.

Although now owned today by an International group they are committed towards maintaining the brands integrity. All of the traditions that have evolved since the days of the workshop in a back garden in 1880 still continue in Earls Barton today.

Enduring Quality

We at Symonds love Barker Shoes for their style, elegance and versatility. They really can be to be worn with whatever outfit you choose.

What we love most is that Barker England is part of british heritage and their work still continues, these skilled craftspeople produce some 200,000 pairs of hand-lasted, hand-sewn shoes every year.