Tales of Men's Shirts

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So you think think you know your shirt size? Perhaps you're 15 and a half collar or a medium... and yes, that is your size. But what about the fit? Do you really know what suits you?

Tailored fit shirts

Tailored fit shirts

Increasingly these days you'll see the terms Regular, Tailored Fit and Slim Fit bandied about by men's shirt (and even suit) retailers, often without any clear explanation of the differences in cut and style. It can be confusing, especially if you're buying mail order and don't have an opportunity to try before you buy. So here's a brief guide to help you iron out some of those worries...

Regular Fit

Shirts really do what they say on the tin.. a regular, even cut for all body types, with full sleeves and wide arm holes for maximum range and mobility. 

Still working on your six-pack? The no-nonsense, straight down cut is particularly accommodating for gentleman with a more rounded abdomen. It's also the most versatile cut, allowing both a formal look for the office and a more relaxed weekend look – especially if the collar stays are removable.

Tailored Fit

Tailored Fit is fast becoming the fit of choice for men who need to look good all the time in a work environment where the suit jacket spends most of the day on the back of the chair. With a gentle taper to the sleeves and the waist, this cut is much more form fitting than a regular, without being tight or restrictive.

If you find that you're constantly re-tucking a regular-cut shirt because of its tendency to billow at the waist, a tailored fit should prove a much better option. This style is rapidly growing in popularity because it really does tick all the dress-sense boxes.according to the occasion, and a variety of cuts and colours will hopefully ensure that your shirt tales have a happy ending!

Slim Fit

Slim Fit shirts offer a more athletic type of cut with higher arm holes and narrower sleeves than a tailored fit. Depending on the tailor, they can be extremely form-fitting with a very slim cut to the body that emphasises your shape. It's often suggested that you need to have 32" waist or less to carry off this look, and whilst it's true that it's a cut that particularly suits a slim and sinewy body type, it would be wrong to suggest that man with a little more girth would be uncomfortable in this style.

That said, if your waist is 36" or more, you might have to choose a larger collar size than is usual, which may not work for you in formal situations, but don't be afraid to experiment.

Finally, don't feel you have to limit yourself to just one kind of cut. It's great to mix and match