Claudio Lugli Shirts - Crazily Colourful

Colourful Claudio Lugli shirts
Shirts just want to have fun...

Shirts just want to have fun...

There are some things that really excite us at Symonds and just recently this has happened...

We love nothing more that finding a new brand that really interests us. After bringing the brand to store we were unsure of how our customers would feel about it, but we knew we needed to take the risk. It's the look on a customer's face when they fall in love with an item that tells you the risk has paid off.

Step forward Claudio Lugli!

Some of you may have heard of the brand before from Italian Heritage. They use the finest quality fabrics and colourful prints all of which gives the shirts a modern slant on classic tailoring.

There's a shirt for any occasion whether you want to wear it with jeans, chinos or a business suit.

Each shirt is individually designed as a 'work of art'. What we love most is that they are made on strictly limited numbers giving the people who wear them a gorgeous feeling of exclusivity.

Take a look at the range on our website - be warned they are rather bright.