Say "I do" to the Perfect Suit

Symonds of Hereford Menswear Wedding Window


Whilst the Bride arranges most of the wedding (so we are often told), it is very often the Groom who decides what the men in the wedding party will be wearing on the day


As much as it's important for the bride to feel a million dollars on her special day, it's also important for the groom to feel and look just as wonderful

This is where we come in!

Over the last 6 years we have dressed a fair number of wedding parties, all with varying wedding styles. So whilst you are dreaming of the honeymoon (and maybe the stag night too), let us take the stress out of the preparations and get you looking dapper for when you say 'I do'.

With more than 20 years' of experience between us we can assure you the highest possible quality and service . If you are thinking about an booking an appointment with us to discuss your big day, here are some things to think about.

1. We have a wide range of Suits in various styles and colours.

We stock both two-piece and three-piece suits. So if you find yourself getting a bit hot under the collar before the speeches, you can take off the Jacket and look just as smart in one of our waistcoats.

Man's wedding suit at Symonds in Hereford

Our suit prices start from around £225 so everyone's needs can be catered for. If you want something special we offer a made-to-measure suit service which can be arranged, but rest assured whether it's made-to-measure or 'Off the peg' we will make sure that you look every bit the Well Dressed Groom, after all you are an advert for what we do too.

2. Think about the type of suit you are after. Are you even after a Suit?

We have had lots of gents in over the last couple of years who have opted for a pair of smart chinos, teamed with brown brogues, a crisp white shirt and tweed waistcoat and Tie.

Each Wedding is unique and you know what you are comfortable in.

Make sure you tell us what you want. By all means bring in pictures of styles you are after so we know exactly what you like.

3. Think about the season you are marrying in

The Suit cloths and weights vary from season to season with lighter weightfabrics (still with the same quality) being used in the Spring/Summer where as for a Winter Wedding you would need a Suit with more wool content to keep you warm.

4. Colours Matching? The word that seems to have many Groom running to the hills!  If there is a particular colour we need to match your Ties or Bow Tie and even Top Pocket Hankies too then just let us know. We have a wide range of colour choice in store but are more than happy to send colour swatches to our Suppliers to ensure we get the best possible match on the day.

5. Want something a bit different?

Some grooms have come in to us who have wanted Panama Hats to wear to a beach wedding, or colourful socks to show off on a cheeky photo.

These things make your day unique so if we can help in any way we will.

6. All alterations are done in house and many are free of charge.

The team at Symonds are all highly trained and know how to ensure any of the Clothing you buy from us gives you the best possible fit.

We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and knowledge within this area. We strive to make the day you choose your wedding attire just as special as the day the bride chooses her wedding dress.



Call us on 01432 272 574 to make an appointment or contact Damien to find out more