We've been around a long time...

Symonds has been an independent trader in menswear, right in the heart of Hereford, since 1859

The building itself is beautiful with wonderful architecture. It was originally a Merchants House until around 1920 when it was transformed in to Symonds of Hereford. A great number of our customers comment on the original features that can still be seen within the building such as the original oak beams as well as the decorative plasterwork that has been estimated todate back to the Stuart period.

From 1859 (the first recorded entry) Symonds was at 143-144 Widemarsh Street (all numbers have now been renumbered). We moved to our current location in the 1920's.

With kind permission of the Frith Gallery and Hereford History/Hereford Images and the Facebook pages of Hereford Old Pics and Hereford Focus