Suits Expertly Fitted at Symonds in Hereford

"There is nothing like a well tailored man in a well tailored Suit"

We live in a world where men as well as a women like to take care of their appearance. As corny as it may sound, there is nothing more rewarding than a man coming in to Symonds unsure of what he is after for an event or special occasion, and within half an hour feeling completely at ease wearing his new 'threads'.

You can almost see a change in his posture and stance as if he feels differently to when he first walked through our doors.

At Symonds we are known for suits and I like to think that anyone who walks in is looked after in a truly exceptional way. It is important to put our customers at their ease and let them tell us what they need. What is the suit for? What type of Suit they are after?

We have several types of suits; from the more traditional Pinstripe suit to a Mohair or Slim Fit Suit, in an array of different colours. It is important to know what the suit is needed for. If you are more sedentary a lightweight suit may not be as practical as a heavier-weight version because of wrinkling.

Either way will pinpoint what YOU need so we can transform you from Joe Blogs to James Bond.

  • When the suit has been decided upon, it is time to try the jacket on in your size, with a shirt of course, so you are able to see the look of the suit jacket with at its best
  • This is where the real work starts, the sleeve of the jacket should sit 1/4-1/2 inch above the cuff of the shirt. If we are happy with both the fit on the shoulders and in the body, we will move on to the trousers. If we feel that we need to go up a jacket size, or make alterations on the shoulder, or in the body to give you the best possible fit, that's what we'll do

All alterations done are done by our very own highly skilled tailors and the majority of alterations are done free of charge.


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What a wonderful store, wonderful items, wonderful service and wonderful people. An absolute treat to frequent. My wife and I have been talking about you all since we left!!

Look forward to coming back soon to purchase some more items.
— Giles May

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